Commercial Services

At Ocean Crusaders, we not only have the not-for-profit Foundation, we also offer commercial services in South East Queensland as per below. Check out the PRICES pages for a guide to pricing and how to get discounts on our services through donating to our Foundation.

Pontoon Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

Does your Pontoon look more like a garden than a pontoon?  Is your pontoon squeaking and groaning as boats pass?   Or does your pontoon need a spruce up to add value to your property.  Ocean Crusaders offer a service that can bring your pontoon back to life.  Whether it be high pressure cleaning your marine carpet, repairing the pontoon, re-carpeting the pontoon or painting, give us a call and we will come out and give you a quote.  Check out our Pontoon Maintenance page for more details.


High Pressure Cleaning of footpaths, driveways, buildings and boats

Our portable petrol powered high pressure cleaner can blast away grime, leaving your driveway, path, roof, building or boat looking sparkly clean.  No job is too big or too small.  Visit our High Pressure Cleaning page for more details.



Debris Booms to protect your asset or collect debris

If you have issues with debris floating down the river and hitting your vessel, or need to collect debris to prevent it getting into the ocean, then our Marine Debris Booms could be the answer.  We can supply, install and maintain the booms for you.  These booms can be used to collect debris or divert debris around your asset.  We provide the booms, get all relevant permissions (if required), install and maintain booms.  Visit our Debris Booms page for more details.


Deck and railing renovations

If your deck needs rejuvenating, then we are the team to make it happen.  Whether it is a full timber deck replacement, or just a sand and oil, or replacing a hand railing, we can make your decks the place to be this summer.  Visit our Deck Renovations page for more details.


Boat Care

If you need someone to look after your boat whilst you are away or just provide a weekly clean of the decks and bilges, then give us a call.  We offer competitive rates and will make sure that your pride and joy is always clean and ready to go.  We organise services from mechanics, riggers to detailers to save you the hassle.  Visit our Boat Care page for more details.


Odd Jobs

If you have some odd jobs on your boat or around your home, give us a call.  We are happy to discuss your needs and can do just about anything and everything.  From Gutter Cleaning, painting a fence, installing a retaining wall or laying pavers, we can discuss this with you and come and have a look.  Visit our Odd Jobs Page for more details.

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