High Pressure Cleaning

Our High Pressure Cleaning services over pretty much anything you want high pressure cleaned.  From driveways to carparks, roof to walls, boats to buggies, we can do it all.

fd-driveway-cleaning-before-after_580x347Our machine is petrol powered and is 2500psi so it packs a punch.  It easily blasts grime from between pavers, cleans tiles or removes bird droppings yet it has the ability to be subtle too for delicate work.  With the addition of a soap we can clean just about anything.  Whether it is your home or office, give us a call to get a quote.

driveway-cleaning-kingwood-tx pressure-wash-roof1siding1


Simply email us or call us on 0412 932 808 to discuss your needs.  Visit our PRICING PAGE to get a guide to our fees and find out how to get a discount on our commercial services by donating to our Foundation that is out to protect our oceans from plastic pollution.