Pontoon Maintenance

If your Pontoon is growing better than your garden, if the birds have used it as their toilet, if it’s looking old and neglected, or just needs a spruce up, then we are the people to talk to.

banner_2We offer a range of services for your pontoon from a simple clean with our high pressure hose, right through to a full renovation including new carpets or paint, new walkway timbers or whatever you like.


We bring everything with us and use environmentally safe products to bring your pontoon back to life.  All we need is access to a tap within 100m.

Our typical service will include a High Pressure blast of the pontoon and piles, followed by treating all aluminium areas with a treatment to brighten them up.  We finish by lubing up all rollers and hinges to prevent squeaking every time a vessel goes past.

If your pontoon needs more then we are only too happy to talk to you about options like:

  • marine carpeting
  • repainting
  • replacing timbers
  • adding ladders
  • installing permanent fenders
  • Repairs to rollers
  • and more.

Simply email us or call us on 0412 932 808 to discuss your needs.  Visit our PRICING PAGE to get a guide to our fees and find out how to get a discount on our commercial services by donating to our Foundation that is out to protect our oceans from plastic pollution.