Past Events

School Talks – Essignton School Darwin

In Nov/Dec 2014 and again in May 2015 we visited Essignton School in Darwin.  On the first visit we taught levels 2 through to 5 of the issues our oceans are facing in general.  When asked to return in 2015 we taught our turtle lesson.

Mr Bannantyne’s class even changed their assembly item to focus on marine debris and their research came up with a crocodile found with 25 bags in its stomach.

Ocean Crusaders education Ocean Crusaders Thommo

School Talks

(Review by Seaford North Primary School)

Ian Thomson, the founder of Ocean Crusaders Pty Ltd., visited Seaford North Primary School recently.

He told us the damage that plastic bags can do to aquatic life. It was quite sad to see the pictures of animals that have eaten plastic bags.

Ian is visiting schools to raise awareness of the huge problem of plastic bags and other rubbish clogging up our oceans.

His presentation was entertaining and enlightening. Ian showed a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the issue and answered questions from students.

The hour long presentation was inspirational. We discussed the issue in our classroom and spent a couple of hours researching further information and making posters, designing logos and writing letters.

We now know that as individuals and as a group we can make a difference to the way we view this issue. We can stop using plastic bags and reduce, reuse and recycle.

We thoroughly recommend that all schools invite Ian to talk to students about this important issue.

Grade 5/6G

Seaford North Primary School

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School talks by Hannah

One of our members was approached by a primary school student by the name of Hannah. Hannah wanted to support the cause in her school. She is now conducting school talks in her region and running a competition at her own school where students have been requested to make a costume or piece of artwork out of plastic rubbish. It is inspirational when young people have this much drive to make a change.

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Whitsundays PCYC @ Recyclable Regatta – Oct 23rd 2010 Abel Point Marina

During the Whitsundays Reef Festival we were heavily involved in the Recyclable regatta. It used to be the beer can regatta however with our campaign, organisers opted for a plastic bottle recycling regatta. We joined forces with the Whitsunday PCYC and we collected 600+ 2L milk cartons in just 6 days. We built our raft and then had our launching as seen in the video below. On the 23rd Oct we raced against other projects and came home 2nd overall, a fantastic effort. The aim was to educate our youth on recycling plastics. After the race, our raft, along with all the rafts were sent off for recycling. Judging by 600+ bottles in just 6 days, there needs to be recycling in the Whitsundays so we will begin a campaign for that using this event.

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Padi Project Aware clean up day – Sponsored by Aquadive Whitsundays – Sept 26th 2010 All Day

We had a very successful day out at Butterfly Bay picking up three very large bags of rubbish from under the moorings. Rubbish included plates, cups, bottles, cans, buckets, snorkels, masks, clothes, towels, and even an umbrella. My group of 8 volunteers were awesome even when we sailed through the rain. It was such a success we are now planning a regular program to deal with this and dive under all the moorings in the islands

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OC Florida Dragon Boat Day – Victory to our team

In Florida to create awareness we competed in the dragon boat races and we had a victory.

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PCYC Vacation Care – Reef & Ocean Awareness Program

In January 2011, we ran a program with the Whitsunday PCYC to educate youth on their backyard. We started with a day at the Whitsunday Sailing Club with Roger who taught the students how to sail. This was followed up by a day on Another Fiasco, one of the Whitsundays fastest racing yachts. The following day the students learnt to dive and then a trip to the outer Barrier Reef courtesy of our sponsors Cruise Whitsundays. The final day of the program was a talk by founder Ian Thomson to educate the students on why we need to care for our oceans.

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Clean up Australia Day – Bruny Island Tasmania

Our team was on the ground at Great Bay on Bruny Island for a clean up day supported by Tassal

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