Weed & Sea Grass Removal

Ocean Crusaders currently conduct sea grass removal for the Sunshine Coast Council at Lake Magellan.  This is an inland lake which is fed by saltwater from Pumicestone Passage and the sea grass grows very quickly, uprooting itself and blowing into corners.  After 7-10 days it starts to ferment and the smell is disturbing to local residents, and hence it is removed.

Using our boat, truck and labor force we collect the grass on a weekly basis.  Our current boat has a crate that sits on the bow that we load with scoops and nets, and once full we transfer it to the truck using the truck crane.  We have a new boat in the making that will speed up the process with a door on the front that will act as a scoop, speeding up the time it takes to lift the weed.  This will be operational by March 2018.

We also have the ability to install and service weed and debris booms which can capture the product into one location, making it quick and easy to remove.

If you have a need to get rid of marine weed, grass or debris, give us a call and we can come and discuss options with you.