The most common question we get asked is ‘What are the alternatives?’

The most commonly known answer to the plastic bag is the green bag. You can use these time and time again however they are not the ultimate alternative. They are actually made of fossil fuels and at the end of their life cycle they need to be recycled too. They are great because they get used time and time again and save thousands of plastic bags so we don’t discourage them at all.

Compostable bags are another option. Some compostable bags can take as little as 10 days to disappear once introduced to soil. And when they do break down they go back to natural products, not oils and polymers like some other plastics do. However you have to be careful with biodegradable bags as some just break up into thousands of pieces and this becomes another issue altogether. You need to ensure your bags are made from corn starches and vegetable oils, not crude oil. We highly recommend the BioBag compostable products as they do degrade within 45 days.

Another alternative is to not buy bottled water. We produce 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year from producing and recycling bottles just for our drinking water. And in excess of 147.9 million liters of oil were used to produce, transport, refrigerate and recylce these bottles of water. Buying yourself a good drink bottle and filling it up at your water station at work or filtered water jugs at home is going to save our world. Only 37% of bottles are recycled, the rest can end up in the ocean where they degrade into oils and polymers.

We have a range of alternate products in our EcoStore so please have a look and next time you are out buying products, look for products that support a no plastic philosphy.

If you have a product that we can promote for you, please contact us.