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Make a donation to Ocean Crusaders

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Want to simply support us cleaning local waterways and beaches without reward, then please choose your choice of donation by adding multiples of $5 to reach the amount you desire.  Your donation will help us keep our equipment on the waterways and beaches.  We have a lot of equipment and it all needs maintenance and we also need funding to pay for fuel etc.

We don’t just turn up to a small beach with a few bags and gloves.  We turn up with trucks and boats and remove tonnes of rubbish in a little amount of time.  Examples include Cabbage Tree Creek Clean Up in November 2018 where we removed 4.023 tonnes in just 2.5 days, or Fraser Island where with the awesome team from 4WD Queensland, 900 volunteers removed 6.94 tonnes in just 6 hours.  And in 2019 we have our new plastic shredder, courtesy of a grant from the Queensland Government, we can shred the hard plastics up and take it back to be melted down and produced into new products.

If you need somewhere cleaned that is hard to get to, call Ocean Crusaders.

Thanks in advance for your support.