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We’ve been cleaning up Australia’s Oceans & Waterways since 2010

And We’re Just Getting Started

Ocean Crusader's mission is to protect the oceans through action

About Us

Protecting our Oceans by taking action and changing the behaviour of individuals and corporations.

Intensive waterway and river clean up

Intensive Clean Up

A specialist team with a fleet of boats and professional equipment to clean waterways from waste before it reaches the oceans.

Ocean Crusaders Partner Program. Blue Economy, circular economy

A New Ecosystem

We want to solve the problems at the source. Through our partnerships we can promote innovation and change.

Meet ‘Geoff’

Our innovative solar powered, Automatic River Cleaner (ARC)
Works 24 /7 to not just capture rubbish, but remove it into a skip!
(currently in use on Melbourne’s Yarra River)

What We Find


100% Recyclable

Everyone talks about single-use plastic, but polystyrene is a bigger problem in Australian waterways and beaches. There are solutions.

Single-Use Plastic

Still a Problem

Not just supermarket bags. Coffee cups, fruit & vegetable containers! and ecommerce shipping packaging ends up in our oceans.

Aluminum Cans

Don’t Break Down

Did you know that cans take up to 200 years to break down? Better than plastic, but still a problem for our ocean wildlife.

You Can Help

Think about where your rubbish ends up.
Support companies that are working on solutions
And… help us to buy machines and equipment.


Get in Touch

OCEAN CRUSADERS FOUNDATION LTD is a registered Charity, ABN 58613403231

For information about future clean-up events, please check out our Facebook page. If you would like to talk to us about sponsored clean-ups or partnerships we’d love to chat.

INFO@OCEANCRUSADERS.ORG 43B Boston Road, Belmont, Queensland, Australia 4153