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Cleaning Station System

Welcome to Ocean Crusaders Cleaning Station System.  This system is designed to facilitate the community in cleaning their own areas.

Fast Facts:

  • Each system will consist of a number of cabinets either along a foreshore, river or park.
  • Inside the cabinets are tongs, gloves and bags which you can use to clean up on your daily walks.
  • To get access you must register on this page to get the combination.  Please do not tell anyone else the code.  Everyone must register
  • You can either return the items to the same cabinet or walk to the next cabinet and drop them off there.
  • Please drop all items back and also place your rubbish bags with rubbish inside the cabinet.  This is because we want to conduct an audit on the debris collected.
  • Please fill out the register inside the cabinet on completion with date, name, number of people, time spent cleaning.

Register here:

All the facts:

As a local resident of Manly, Queensland, we often walk along the foreshore and see debris either washed or blown in.  Wanting a solution to this and seeing several people playing their part, we wanted to encourage more people to help out and clean their own environment, hence the Cleaning Station System was developed.  This system is not a magic box that will clean our foreshore by itself.  It simply contains Tongs, Gloves and Bags to facilitate the community in cleaning on their daily walks.

The waterfront cleaning station initiative received funding from the 2017-18 Lord Mayor’s Community Sustainability and Environmental grant program. We appreciate Council’s support for this project.

To get access you must register above and this will send you an email with the access code.  We need everyone to register as we need to be able to track who is cleaning, how many people are cleaning and how often people are cleaning.  In addition we want you to put the debris back into our cabinets so that we can conduct an audit on the debris to find out exactly what it is we are collecting and possibly find the source.  With this data we can find out if it is the markets, fast food shops, visitors to the parks or is it coming from the drains and Brisbane River.  With this data we can then work with council on source reduction schemes to try to eliminate the source.  In order to back up any change the council makes, we need facts and this system will provide that.

The Wynnum/Manly System will eventually have 11 cabinets from Lota through to the northern end of the Mangrove Boardwalk.  This will allow you to either collect your items from a cabinet and return them to the same cabinet, or you can choose to walk between cabinets and drop them off.  All cabinets will hopefully be in place by end of June 2019.  Each week the Ocean Crusaders team will maintain the cabinets by collecting and sorting the debris, cleaning the bags and gloves as well as lubricating the tongs.

You can take whatever you like from the cabinet, so if everyone in your group wants a set of tongs and a bag then so be it.  However please be courteous.  We don’t want people finding nothing in the cabinet when they want to get involved. Please keep the cabinets tidy inside as well by placing items back where they are meant to be.

The maintenance of the system is carried out by Ocean Crusaders, hence the charity is funding it, hence we can’t afford to have items stolen etc.  The codes on the cabinets will change from time to time for security reasons, hence why you have to register.  When we change the codes we will send you an email with the new code.

Get a system installed in your local region:

If you think this is a great idea and would work in your local area, then please contact us at info@oceancrusaders.org  We can then work with your group, council or the relevant authorities and see if we can make it happen.  If you have a connection with a council then please pass this link onto them so they can check it out.

Patience Please:

As with anything else that is brand new, we know there will be teething problems and we will refine our systems as we go.  Please be patient and if you have any suggestions, please let us know via email.