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Partnering For Our Oceans

Together we are Stronger

Corporate Partnerships

Align your company with a trusted partner to deliver on your ESG, Impact, sustainability and employer branding goals. Show your customers and stakeholders that you support local communities and the planet.

Organisational Partnerships

We can’t be everywhere at once, so we team up with community groups, clubs, associations and other organisations with the same goals as us. Leverage our experise running large scale clean-ups and events.

Ambassadors & Influencers

Our oceans need people to fight their cause. We are looking to partner with content creators who want to use their platform to increase awareness and take action. We have a sailing team too.

Let’s Get Creative

Our stated aim is to wind up our clean-up operations by stopping the problem at the source.
So if you are working on blue economy or circular economy solutions, let’s discuss.
Renewable Energy and Fuels ~ New Materials ~ ESG Software…

Get in Touch

Let’s have a conversation. We have lots of ideas and ways to deliver great results for partners.

61 412 932 808

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We won’t share your details! Ever.

Ocean Crusaders are supported by so many great organisations.  The organisations above provide regular donations to us through sales, so if you can purchase through them they are supporting us with a percentage of sales.