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Community Partnerships

‘Friends of’ Organisations

Stronger Together

We all have the same goals. Ocean Crusaders can provide equipment, planning and promotion of clean-up events as well as leverage our corporate partnerships to provide local support. Talk to us about…

Partnering on clean-up events using our boats and expertise.

Organising a ‘Paddle for Plastic’ Event with our Kayaks and media team to maximise the exposure of the event.

Work to create content to generate awareness among our shared communities and followers.

Clubs & Associations


Are you a sailing club, a rowing club, a lifesaving club or an angling organisation? What are you doing to ensure the oceans and beaches and rivers are available to be enjoyed for your members? We can help…

Organise clean-up events.

Audit your operations and help reduce plastic waste

Implementing local and community initiatives

Lobbying for change e.g. polystyrene recycling capacity

Leveraging our respective influencers and ambassadors

Initiatives & Campaigns

Amplifying Talk through action

Add actionable goals to your campaigns through partnering with us. Create demonstrable results to justify funding and support.

Clean-Up events with full transparency.

Local implementation of national and global campaigns

Public / Private partnerships for R&D and innovation

Impact Marketing

Create emotional connections with consumers. Expand reach and develop brand advocates.