Educating the world on the issues our Oceans face

Ocean Crusaders are aware that plastic bags and plastics kill marine life, not to mention being a much broader environmental hazard. With over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans, it is time to take action to protect our marine life and our way of life.

The primary goal of our campaign is educating our youth through our primary school education program.  We have developed a lesson program for any primary school teacher, or parent, to download free of charge from this site and present to their children.  We are also constantly developing lessons for different countries.  If yours isn’t on our list, please contact us and we will get to it as soon as we can.

We also focus on protecting the creatures of the ocean from slaughters and hunts.  This includes preventing dolphin slaughters, loss of turtles through hunting and habitat destruction and shark fining.

In addition we have several different crusades including sailing and paddling.  Sailing crusades focus on sailing events around the globe as that is where Ocean Crusaders started with our founder, Ian Thomson, breaking the solo around Australia world record to gain a profile in order to get into schools and have his voice heard.  Our Paddle Against Plastic crusade has included a 92km paddle in the Whitsundays to raise awareness that our oceans are in trouble. 

We are on a crusade to make people realise that what we do in our daily lives affects the creatures in the oceans.  From refusing plastic bags to not drinking bottled water, you can make a change starting today. Everyone can make a difference.  Each day you face choices and what you decide changes our world.  Letting others know of our program also helps so spread the word.

What you do today DOES make a difference tomorrow!

Clean Oceans Make Us All Winners!!!