Ocean Crusaders

Educating the world on the issues our Oceans face

Ocean Crusaders are all about doing, not just talking.  Plastic is threatening our oceans and it’s time to do something about it, not just talk about it.  That’s why we are actively cleaning up the mess whilst educating people at the same time.  

The primary goal of our campaign is educating our youth through our primary school education program.  We have developed a lesson program for any primary school teacher, or parent, to download free of charge from this site and present to their children.  We are also constantly developing lessons for different countries.  If yours isn’t on our list, please contact us and we will get to it as soon as we can.

Our community events see Paddle Against Plastic events run all over Australia where paddlers come down to clean their own waters.  Once they start looking they see more debris and can’t stop seeing in the future, hence they begin to pick up debris every time they paddle.  Our beach cleaning operations include cleaning the world’s largest sand island k’Gari (Fraser Island) annually, as well as islands within Brisbane’s Moreton Bay and the Great Barrier Reef.

We also run a commercial waterway cleaning operation with our fleet of boats found out on waterways from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, removing debris that is bound for the ocean where it is a major threat to marine and bird life.  Our crew are passionate and with a ‘Can Do’ attitude, remove debris from the hard to get to places, not just where it is seen by humans.  We clean for the marine life as that is why we exist.

Humans have created this plastic pollution problem and it is our role to fix it.  Please join us on our journey.

What you do today DOES make a difference tomorrow!

Clean Oceans Make Us All Winners!!!