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Seascape Serenity

Healing Waters for Vetrans

This is a unique program tailored for Military and Emergency Responder Veterans, MERV, intertwining the therapeutic benefits of waterway cleanup with mental and physical health support. Veterans often grapple with the aftermath of their service, Seascape Serenity allows these deserved men and women find solace and a new purpose in restoring the marine environment while receiving guidance, mateship, respect and teamwork from mental and physical health professionals plus peers following the same river.

By combining environmental stewardship with mental and physical health support, “Seascape Serenity” empowers veterans amidst the healing waters from creeks through to the vast expanse of oceans, restoring the marine environment, finding purpose, community, their own well-being and inner peace. 

Plastic Offsets


Plastic is not a bad product, it is simply badly managed. By purchasing plastic offset credits direct with the people who do the cleaning, you are taking out the middle man and getting more bang for your buck.

It’s as simple as:

  • Setting your target
  • We remove the set quantity of debris
  • We provide you with certificates of compliance
  • Telling the world
  • Offset credits may be tax deductible
Community clean up events - beach, island, river clean-ups


Showcasing Innovation

  • The Ocean Crusaders team believe actions speak louder than words.
  • Everything we do is designed to change people’s behaviour, to show that actions make a difference.
  • Which is why we created a 100% electric, zero carbon emission race yacht – the first of its kind.
  • Which is why we have worked to remove thousands of tons of waste from Australia’s waterways to help protect our oceans.
  • Support the Ocean Crusaders in a 3 year campaign to influence the behaviour of consumers and those who benefit the most from our ocean resources.

Impact Marketing

Create emotional connections with consumers. Expand reach and develop brand advocates.