James Baroud keeping us dry & warm

In the last month the team from Ocean Crusaders has been travelling all over the place to clean up waterways and beaches.  It all began with a trip to Melbourne for the Yarra River Blitz, then we headed to Double Island Point with Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast and finally to Fraser Island with 4WD Queensland.

The second two events involve camping on the beach, the first event involved travelling back and forth towing Salter, our landing craft.  Whilst I could’ve got a hotel for the long trip, the ease of camping in a rooftop tent allows you to pull over when you’re ready and be in bed quickly and at no cost.  We had no way of towing a camper to the beach campsites so the roof tent it was to be.

So a while ago I sent out a request for assistance in getting a hard shell roof top tent.  I always wanted to go hard shell as they are easier to set up and pack down.  Olivier from James Baroud contacted me back pretty much immediately and said he could help us out with an ex-demo model for a very good price.  He had several options available, however our finances were very slim so we settled for the base model discovery.  We could easily have gone with one of the bigger versions, however the discovery ticked all the boxes for us.  It was smaller in size (198 x 145cm) and weight (63kg), and was very simple to set up and pack up.

The first night on the road to Melbourne and it was around midnight when I finally decided it was time to sleep.  I pulled over, popped the two rear latches and the tent was up.  A few seconds later and the ladder was attached and I was ready for bed.  I had the best nights sleep I’ve ever had on the road.  Usually I stay at budget hotels so the beds aren’t all that great.  The mattress in the Discovery was comfortable and I was warm and dry.  In the morning, you put the ladder away and then simply grab the strap on the back and pull it back down whilst tucking in the tent parts.  It takes no more than 30 seconds in total and you are ready to drive.

Up at Double Island Point and Fraser the tent took on a whole new meaning.  Annika joined me for the first time and hence the dimensions of the tent came into question.  Would I fit with someone else considering I’m 6’4.  Well the answer was simple, yes.  Annika felt safe as we were off the ground and on Fraser that means away from the dingoes.  Last time we camped at Double Island Point we had a rat come and play in our trailer in the middle of the night, no issues this time.  Each day the car would be used and we would set up and pack up the tent with the same ease.  It was simply awesome to have such a great set up.

I can’t rate them highly enough.  I’ve seen rooftop tents that take 10 minutes to set up and pack up and if it is raining then that just adds another world of hurt.  The James Baroud roof top tents are incredible quality and so easy.  Fitting to you car is easy with just 4 clamps to attach to your racks. They are on a slide so they fit any car with racks.  I can assure you that if you want to go camping, or glamping in our case, then this is the way to go.  They might cost a little more but if it gets your partner to go camping more often, then you are a winner.