When I talk to people about Shark finning, they just don’t believe that people can be so cruel as to catch a shark, cut it’s fins off and then put the body, still alive, back into the ocean where it will sink to the bottom and die as they need to swim to stay alive.

However recently the biggest shark in the world has become a target and it is even more unbelievable.  The whale shark is such a graceful creature and you wouldn’t think anyone would want to harm such a magnificent animal however at around $100 a kilo on the black market, their fins are very valuable and here is an image to prove that these inhumane lunatics are chasing our Whale Sharks.

You can see that they have cut off it’s pectoral fin.  This is absolutely disgusting and people need to make a stand to ban shark fin soup around the world so we can prevent such animal cruelty.