Beach Cleaning

Clean Beaches are Better Beaches!!!

550264_10151487409553986_1833532442_nWe treat our oceans like a garbage tip, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the oceans eject the rubbish we throw in it, back onto the beaches we love to use.

Littered along every beach in the world, will be particles of plastic, either washed up or left by humans.  Sitting in the sun they degrade at an alarming rate, into smaller pieces that are a real threat to wildlife.  Birds feed from the high tide line, small crustaceans live in the area searching for resources, maybe a new shell for a hermit crab, or food for their starving bodies.

Ocean Crusaders has a crusade to clean beaches so that our wildlife is safe and it happens to have a benefit to us humans as they are cleaner and safer.

walk-behind-cleanerMany clean-ups focus on macro plastics and whilst these are important, we feel the smaller plastics are vital to the safety of us and wildlife.  Hence we have a small walk-behind beach cleaner that can sift out debris as small as 5mm from the top 2-5cm of sand.  Being light on the sand and self propelled, the user can guide the machine around sensitive areas, ensuring maximum safety for bird and wildlife.  As part of the process of beach cleaning the debris picked up is sorted on a regular basis to ensure all natural product is returned to the beach as quickly as possible, hence little to no effect on the wildlife that frequent this high tide area.

Whilst the machine is working the high tide region, other volunteers and staff work the remaining areas, picking up larger items from sand dunes or camping areas.  Hence we clean the entire beach front of any and all debris.

Hays-InletAll debris is sorted and data added to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database.  This is essential due to the fact that if we just pick up debris, that is all we will ever do, pick up debris.  We need to find sources and implement source reduction schemes.

Beach cleaning can be conducted commercially for councils, governments or corporations, or through sponsored clean up days, where a local company may sponsor a clean up of a specific beach.  Ocean Crusaders organise all marketing and media for these sponsored events so if you are in a position to sponsor a clean up day to help our environment, encourage your team to get involved, or get involved in your community, contact us today.  Sponsorship’s for a beach clean up start at just $500.