Debris Booms & Traps

Debris Booms and traps are the best way to collect debris in one location and make it easy to clean up.  The booms can also be used to divert debris around your assets so if you have a boat that regularly gets hit by debris, we can provide a solution that will divert debris around it.











Whether you are looking to capture debris to prevent it from going in the ocean, or whether you are looking to protect your vessel from debris floating down the river, we can custom design a solution for you.  We also have access to debris traps that are suitable for use in tidal areas.

To find out more simply email us or call us on 0412 932 808 to discuss your needs.  Visit our PRICING PAGE to get a guide to our fees and find out how to get a discount on our commercial services by donating to our Foundation that is out to protect our oceans from plastic pollution.