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Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 35 – Fiji Part 1

In 1998 and 99, I ran windsurfing tours to Plantation Island in Fiji from Sailboard Headquarters in Melbourne. I took a photo on one of those trips of my friend Brendon windsurfing back towards the beach. In the distance behind him is a yacht sailing past a white sandy beach. It was the inspiration behind getting a yacht and running windsurfing charters in Fiji which I succeeded in doing in 2002 with my good friend Read more

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron to ban bottled water

The RQYS management committee has confirmed that approval has been given to create a ban on bottled water that comes in plastic containers. This will place the club as a leader in environmental impact management in Australia and around the world. The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club earlier this year did likewise. Who’s next? Speaking with General Manager Shawn Ket, Commodore Ian Threlfall and Vice Commodore Mark Gallagher, Ocean Crusaders were told that the committee Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 34 – Niue part 4

After two spectacular days exploring the land in Niue, Monday morning was time to return the car and then meet Remi from Magical Niue Adventures for a day of diving. We dropped the car off early morning, went to the yacht club for a bit of internet time and returned to our yacht to get our dive gear ready. Just after lunch, we saw their rigid inflatable launched at the dock and they came over Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 33 – Niue part 3

Our second day on land in Niue started at a reasonable hour. We headed straight across the island to Lakepa Village. The drive across the middle took in so many different types of vegetation, you thought you were in different countries every 5 minutes. 1 minute you are amongst trees and grass fields, then you are in a dense rain forest and then you switch to tropical bushland. There wasn’t a lot to see in Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 32 – Niue part 2

Our anchorage on the south east corner of Niue was perfect. We got a great nights sleep and in the morning woke up to find the wind had rotated around to the south quicker than expected. We had breakfast and set off on a slow journey around the northern end of the island. We were in no hurry as we needed the swell to die off on the west coast and that would take hours, Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 31 – Niue part 1

The trip from Maupiti to Niue is 1020nm. We could have gone via the Cooks Islands, however Raratonga is fairly south of the direct path and Aituataki doesn’t have the depth in the channel suitable for anything other than catamarans. So a direct path to Niue was the best option. Our forecast showed us 24-36 hours of steaming before we got to the wind and it ended up being about 42 hours but then the Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 30 – Society Islands Part 9 – Maupiti

Technically we had 24 hours to leave French Polynesia from the time we walked out of the Gendarmarie’s office in Bora Bora. As we spent the night still in Bora Bora, that meant we had till lunch time to depart the country. There is a problem with this, Maupiti was on our way out and it had a great reputation of being more like the Tuamotu islands, a pristine, undeveloped atoll with a lagoon. Maupiti Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 29 – Society Islands Part 8 – Bora Bora Round 2

Our sail across from Raiatea to Bora Bora was once again a nice quick sail. On the way into Bora Bora we wanted to drop off at the site of the shark dive about 1nm south of the entrance. The swell was rolling around the point and we thought we wouldn’t be able to jump in, but as we got closer, that section of the reef seemed to have very little wind chop and not Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 28 – Society Islands Part 7 – Raiatea and Tahaa Round 2

After the delights of Huahine, it was time to get back to Raiatea and Tahha once again. Our sail across to Raiatea was with Sunny our spinnaker up. It was a great sail, although we ended up in the most southern pass Teavamoa. This was because the kids get nauseous on a boat. Being this far south is not an issue, it just meant a beautiful cruise in flat water inside the reef, including a Read more

Plastic in the Pacific Crusade – Part 27 – Society Islands Part 6 – Tetiaroa & Huahine

Having spent a few days at Moorea, we woke up early to get underway at the crack of dawn. We wanted to get to Tetiaroa as soon as possible. If we couldn’t stay overnight due to swells, then we wanted to spend as much time there as possible before sailing overnight off to Huahine. The sail across was hard on the nose but just 10-12 knots so it was all good. Approaching the island and Read more