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Vacuum Debris Removal

One of the major issues we find in cleaning waterways and beaches is when you find smaller plastics and in particular Polystyrene.  The polystyrene breaks into smaller and smaller pieces and the time it takes to clean is unbelievably time-consuming.  That’s why we have been developing a vacuum system with Cleanwater Group where we can simply suck it up.  Watch the below video for a brief description.

[cincopa A4IAULOSBCN4]

As you can see, what used to take a long time, can now be done quickly, efficiently and safely with a vacuum system.  We offer two different types of systems.  The main commercial operation can be mounted in a vehicle or vessel.  This is great for long term-work where you need heavy-duty equipment.  The second option is our back pack fleet where we have 10kg units strapped to the back of our team and can attack hard to get to places or smaller debris areas.

The vacuum system is also able to be run in wet conditions.  Hence if it is over water, we can still use the system and water is drained out at the catchment phase.

[cincopa AQFACL-LByQ4]

Our systems are efficient and get the job done quicker and smarter than hand cleaning and that means massive time savings.  As ‘time is money’ in everyone’s lives, this is a great development in the area of debris removal.  For more information drop us an email.