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Our Fleet

At Ocean Crusaders we have a fleet of vessels and vehicles to get the job done, no matter how big or how small.

Landing Craft ‘Salter’

Salter is the pride of our fleet.  Custom built for us, this 7m landing craft has the ability to carry large loads, has easy access with the bow door and twin engines to give it maneuverability and speed.  When light she can travel at 30 knots, however more often she is crawling along banks, often with the vacuum onboard sucking up tonnes of debris.  The boat is also trailerable and hence it goes all over the country.  It works between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

LOA: 7.0m

Power: Twin 90hp

Max Crew: 6

Landing Craft ‘Sivarner’

Coming soon is our ‘BIGGER BOAT’.  Sivarner is an 8.3m Landing Barge that was recovered off the bottom of the Brisbane River during the 2022 Brisbane Floods.  She will become our ‘Brisbane River’ boat which will free up Salter for all travelling gigs.

LOA: 8.3m

Power: Twin 115hp

Max Crew: 8

Flat Top Barge

Coming soon is our new barge which will be used to service the Automatic River Cleaners in Brisbane River and transport heavier loads, including vehilces, to the islands.  It is a 6m x 3m barge and will feature a crane, winch, loading ramps and an A frame over the bow,  Custom built by Scallywag Fabrication, this vessel will feature a lot in coming years and help us grow our capability.

LOA: 6.0m

Power: Twin 90hp

Max Cfrew: 6

Work Boat ‘Spinnaker’

Spinnaker is a 5.4m ex-fisheries vessel.  She was donated to us by Spinnaker Sound Marina and is a high speed shallow draft vessel for getting to the far reaches of rivers and to islands quickly.  It also comes on an off-road trailer meaning we can take it to remote places and still access the water.

LOA: 5.4m

Power: 60hp

Max Crew: 6


Work Punt ‘Slogger’

Slogger is our original vessel and has earnt her keep well and truly.  A shallow draft vessel she goes places a lot of boats can’t, yet is solid enough to cop a beating.  She is often seen on the Sunshine Coast waterways loaded in debris.

LOA: 4.5m

Power: 40hp

Max Crew: 4


Our Hino 4×4 Crane truck can carry a huge load and remove larger items.  It is used to move equipment and debris all over the place.  The crane can lift 2.2 tonne maximum and still lifts 700kg @ 8m.  Being a 4×4 she can also access the beaches and remote areas Ocean Crusaders are renowned for going  to.




Our daily drive is our Mazda 4×4 Ute.  It can tow every boat, has full length roof racks and ample space under the canopy.  And it is also our billboard for messages we want to get out to the community.

It is also ideal when we head to the beaches like K’Gari & Moreton Island.