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Our Mission

Our record breaking yacht

Ocean Crusaders Foundation LTD was founded in 2010 on a passion that comes from seeing dead turtles up close in person.  It is with that passion that Ocean Crusaders strive to educate people, whilst physically getting out and cleaning up.

Founder Ian Thomson launched the campaign by smashing the solo circumnavigation of Australia record. By creating a profile for himself he in turn created awareness of the cause.

Ocean Crusaders free online education program is a resource available to teachers and parents world-wide, to download and present to their students/children.  It educates them about the oceans, the creatures in them and the hazards they are facing with an emphasis on giving them ideas on what they can do in their every day lives to make a difference.

The world is becoming more aware of the issues that plastics are posing to our oceans and environment and Ocean Crusaders want to continue building that message through our major clean up events.  Our signature event is a Paddle Against Plastic which incorporates several days of ‘Hardcore’ Cleaning followed by a community event that engages the public in looking after there own waterways.  The use of paddle craft makes this a fun family event that everyone can be a part of.  Once they start seeing the issue first hand, they want to do something about it and our message is that it must ‘STOP AT THE SHOP’.  Don’t buy plastic.

With representatives across the globe and growing constantly, our programs are becoming more popular and our mission is to create a clean ocean for our wildlife.  We need clean creeks, rivers and oceans and we will not stop until we can achieve this.

Clean Oceans make us all Winners!!!!