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We remove debris to offset your consumption

Cleaning up after climate disasters - brisbane floods - waterway clean up

Plastic Offset Credits

create a difference by offsetting your consumption

Plastic is not a bad product, it is simply badly managed. By purchasing plastic offset credits direct with the people who do the cleaning, you are taking out the middle man and getting more bang for your buck.

It’s as simple as:

Setting your target

We remove the set quantity of debris

We provide you with certificates of compliance

Telling the world

Offset credits may be tax deductible


how much do you want to offset

We can change the metric to suit your business.

Create an offset per sale

Offset part of your consumption

Offset all of your consumption (Plastic Neutral)

Offset more than your consumption (Plastic Postive)

Ocean Crusaders 2023 Clean Up Program - Sponsorship Available

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