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Seascape Serenity

Healing Waters for Veterans

“Seascape Serenity: Healing Waters for Veterans” is a unique program tailored for Military and Emergency Responder Veterans, MERV, intertwining the therapeutic benefits of waterway cleanup with mental and physical health support. Veterans often grapple with the aftermath of their service, Seascape Serenity allows these deserved men and women find solace and a new purpose in restoring the marine environment while receiving guidance, mateship, respect and teamwork from mental and physical health professionals plus peers following the same river.

Participants engage in hands-on activities, such as waterway cleanups, marine debris removal to a spot of fishing. These activities can occur from beaches, fishing areas, jetties, rock walls, creek banks through to the muddiest of mangroves. This hands-on aspect fosters a sense of accomplishment and connection with nature and like minded veterans. These efforts not only contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems but also serve as a powerful metaphor for personal healing and resilience.

In addition to environmental work, “Seascape Serenity” can direct veterans to group therapy sessions, individual counseling, and peer support networks, all set against the backdrop of healing waters. Through these sessions, veterans have the opportunity to process their experiences, build coping skills, and forge meaningful connections with fellow participants.

By combining environmental stewardship with mental and physical health support, “Seascape Serenity” empowers veterans amidst the healing waters from creeks through to the vast expanse of oceans, restoring the marine environment, finding purpose, community, their own well-being and inner peace. 

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