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Below you will find a selection of videos that we’ve found very informative.  If you find one that you think would go well here, then please tell us about it.

Leatherback turtles – By Ben Narbey & Ethan Page – 1st Place Under 12’s at Cicada Awards
Mermaids of the Sea – By aura Eban – 1st Place Open Category at Cicada Awards
Save the Ocean – by Amy Weeden & Lucy Rowell – A film created for the Cicada Awards
Hidden cost of Bottled Water
Over Fishing


North Pacific Gyre
One Planet, One Ocean, One Chance
Over fishing is killing our oceans.
Trailer for Plastic Shores, a movie coming out soon
Ocean Soul – A magical day with right whales
Plastic state of mind (paraody)
Sharks’ can be our friends too
Bryde’s Whale dies of plastic bags
North Pacific Garbage Patch
Bag It
Bottled Water Video

By http://storyofbottledwater.org

Reefs at Risk