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Last month I had the opportunity to visit Pacific Paradise State School grade 4 students.  I really love visiting schools however there was one new member of our visiting team.  Corky was making is school debut.  And what a hit he proved. I arrived and two young ladies helped me carry Corky and our art materials from the car.  The two ladies were excited to keep the secret that was Corky, hiding under my jumper. Read more

Biodegradability When natural organic materials go into the ground, they tend to decompose progressively before they disappear. This is very important for the environment, which has to get rid of waste to make room for new life. Photosynthetic organisms like trees, plants and algae, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. With the power of the sun, the inexhaustible source of energy, they use it to synthesise sugars and a whole range of other substances present Read more

A while ago I had the privilege of being invited to talk to all the office staff in the Veolia Offices in Brisbane.  The day was successful and their environment team talked about working with us in the future.  Well that came to fruition last Thursday when Veolia sponsored a day with Conservation Volunteers Australia and the Green Army.  They invited us along on the day so we could organise and run a clean up Read more

There are many people I’ve met in life, but few have made as good an impression as Miguel Andagana did on me today. Here in Santa Cruz in the Galapagos, they don’t allow you to put your dinghy ashore so you catch a water taxi in and out from your yacht.  We’re fine with that as it supports the local economy and means we don’t come back to find a sea lion asleep in our tender or Read more

The word ‘Tosser’ in the Oxford English dictionary means – ‘a person or thing that throws something’ There is no need for me to tell you the other meaning that is commonly used around the world. However in this article it will refer to both at the same time as someone who tosses trash into the ocean, truly is a tosser. Throughout history people have been tossers and it has become a very bad habit Read more

Lurking in the oceans are creatures far deadlier than sharks.  You encounter them every day, yet you don’t know they are silently killing you.  How will you react when you next see these killers?  Will you make a choice to step away?  Our choices today make a difference tomorrow. As we are at the top of the food chain, we are eating these deadly species and taking in their toxins.  Here is a guide to Read more

I was asked the other day about throwing aluminium cans in the ocean.  The question came about as the person concerned has been on racing yachts and an ongoing argument was about whether it was O.K or not to throw an aluminium can overboard.  The person asking me was against it by the way.  The argument also included a version that it is O.K to throw it overboard as long as you tear it in Read more

It is not often that we get to announce sponsors but today we can share with you a new sponsor for Ocean Crusaders.  LED Diving Lights Australia have joined us by supplying our dive torches.  I asked Annika as our dive instructor what torches she wanted and immediately she told me that the Darkbuster was the light she had to have.  I contacted Michael and he was so supportive and shortly after our new torches Read more

The Volvo Ocean Race is an extreme yacht race around the world, raced on one design 65ft yachts. This was the 12th edition of the race (formerly known as the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race). It began 9 months ago in Alicante Spain and has raced almost 39,000nm around the world with stop overs in Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya (China), Auckland, Itajai (Brazil), Newport, Lisbon, Lorient, Hague and finishing in Gothenburg, the home Read more

We are pleased to announce a new sponsor for Ocean Crusaders.  Keen Footwear Australia contacted us some time ago, wanting to assist us with our crusades.  Over the pursuing months we came to an agreement.  Keen produce footwear for the active walker and hiker.  It all started with a vision of creating a sandal that protected your toes.  And now they are renowned for their toe protection across the range.  Check the entire range out Read more