Keen 2 Clean Campaign

KEEN2CLEAN – Proudly Sponsored by Keen Footwear

We are pleased to announce a new sponsor for Ocean Crusaders.  Keen Footwear Australia contacted us some time ago, wanting to assist us with our crusades.  Over the pursuing months we came to an agreement.  Keen produce footwear for the active walker and hiker.  It all started with a vision of creating a sandal that protected your toes.  And now they are renowned for their toe protection across the range.  Check the entire range out here.

We wanted to create a campaign that fits their product and now we can officially launch our Keen2Clean campaign.  For a long time we have seen debris washing up on beaches and shorelines.  As we walk along rocks and coral beaches, a solid set of shoes is essential and our new Keen shoes are perfect for the task.  We decided that we would use the Keen Sponsorship for our beach clean ups.  And to take it to a whole new level, we are inviting you to be a part of this.

Our friends at Crowd Clean World will join forces with us to run a competition that everyone can enter.  Crowd Clean World is a campaign to encourage people to spend 5 minutes picking up rubbish once a week.  We have been working with Dylan & Kim since they started and love their passion and decided joining forces with them to run the Keen2Clean campaign was the best way to take advantage of the Keen Footwear sponsorship.

Whale Tail by Sea Angels

We have a pile of Keen Promotional Gear to give away as part of this campaign.  T-shirts, hats, key rings and more are available.  All you have to do is go and conduct your own clean up and create a bit of artwork out of the rubbish you collect.  You can make a sign with your own message like the image above, you can make an animal or you can actually use the rubbish to make something.  Once you have done this, upload your photo to the Crowd Clean World facebook page with the hash tag #Keen2Clean and at the end of each month, Dylan and Kim will decide who has created the best artwork and will send out a Keen Promotion pack to the winner.

Your rubbish can come from a beach, park, roadway or any other public place.  At the end of the year, the monthly winners will be put into a public poll and the overall winner will be sent a brand new set of Keen Shoes.  You can enter as a family or a group, enter as a school or enter as an individual.  You can even enter as many times as you like.

So get to it.  The first prize pack will be given away at the end of June, and don’t forget to visit Keen Australia’s website and check out their shoes.

Here are some other examples of some artwork and creations courtesy of friends at Sea Angels and Free in The Sea


Sad Face due to how much rubbish is on the beaches
Sign suggesting people should stop littering
Door Mats made from Collected bottle caps
More Doormats