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’23 Clean-Up Roadshow

Ocean Crusaders 2023 Clean Up Program - Sponsorship Available

Ocean Crusaders announce aggressive plans to clean up rivers in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Sponsorship Available.

Having established our corporate partnership program, Ocean Crusaders is proud to announce an intensive tour of the eastern seaboard of Australia. Clean up events are planned for QLD, VIC and NSW.

Not Your Average Clean-Up Event

  • Ocean Crusaders is one of the only organisations with the purpose built machinery, equipment and experience to get to places that no-one else can.
  • The scale of our events (up to 500 people) attract attention from the community, local stakeholders and the media. The format of the event can differ – from a corporate or community clean up day to our unique ‘paddle against plastic‘ format.
  • We work together with local ‘friends of’ organisations, co-ordinating events and giving them access to our know how.

2023 Roadshow – Planned Calendar

See our Eventbrite Page for the latest details and register to volunteer.

Multi-Faceted Storytelling

What are your marketing goals and targets? How can we design this campaign partnership to help you deliver your desired outcomes for:

  • Brand Building. Make a connection in your customer’s mind between your brand and our mission. Get your brand in front of influential business leaders and an affluent, environmentally conscious audience. Differentiate yourself from the others.
  • Internal Comms. Want to bring your team closer together around a shared vision? Want to build a sustainability culture? Want to motivate your people with unique experiences? Create a employee donation or volunteer program.
  • Employer Branding. Finding and keeping great talent is hard. Attract the right people using a purpose driven campaign that shows your company’s values are in line with potential employees. Associate your brand with teamwork, performance and a winning attitude.
  • Trade Marketing. Become leaders in your industry. Set an example for others in the market to take sustainability seriously. Signal to your stakeholders, suppliers, investors and partners that you are putting your money where your mouth is.
  • Case Studies & Endorsements. Work with us to showcase your products, services and innovations in real-world applications. Let us push your products to the limit or show why it is the best of breed.