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Community is the heart and soul of Ocean Crusaders.  Without them, we can only achieve a small portion of what we actually do.

Our Cleaning Station System is a world first where there are cabinets with cleaning tools in them to help facilitate the community in cleaning their own region.

Our signature community event is a Paddle Against Plastic to engage the community in their own waterways.

We also run major beach/island clean ups of Fraser / Moreton and several of Brisbane’s Bay Islands.  Some of these events have up to 900 volunteers.

Our Fiji Ocean Ambassador program is designed to educate young Fijians to lead the way when it comes to looking after our oceans.  The first year was a huge success and we look forward to future events as we grow our presence in Fiji.

You can check out all of our upcoming events at www.oceancrusaders.eventbrite.com.au