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50 Sick Turtles in Gladstone, Australia in 1 week.

A good friend of mine and an avid supporter of this campaign, Tim Wuth, rang me a couple of days ago asking who to contact as he had found a sick Green Sea Turtle.  I provided him with the QLD Marine Parks Stranding Hotline number which I have listed below.

Unfortunately this turtle is one of 50 turtles reported in 1 week in the Boyne River in Gladstone.  They are not entirely sure of the cause and will be doing research into it however it is believed that due to the floods earlier in the year, the sea grass in the region has been totally destroyed or polluted by pesticides and chemicals washing off the land.

With the Gladstone region being Australia’s premier location for sea turtle nesting, this could spell a real issue for the future of sea turtles in Queensland.  If juvenile turtles have no source of food or it is contaminated, then we may see a large number of deaths.

What can we do?  Well you can all play your part.  When you next go to the shops to get cleaning products, buy natural products or environmentally friendly products.  Earth’s Choice is a great option and the cost is no different.  Every product you are washing down your drains will end up in the ocean so look for the alternatives.  Even your shampoos and conditioners can be harmful so take the opportunity to play your part in helping our marine life.

I’m shocked.  As I’m writing this, Tim jus