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Australian restaurants serving Shark Fin Soup

Yes, there are Australian shops that are serving Shark Fin Soup.  With 80% of Australia’s sharks poached for shark fin soup, are they ending up in our own restaurants.

I know that sharks are getting a bad wrap in the media once again due to shark ‘accidents’ recently.  You’ll note that I called them accidents as it is only a case of mistaken identity.  Surfers look like seals, we all know that and sharks eat seals, it is part of the order of life.

But it is illegal to catch a shark and cut it’s fins off returning the body to the water.  and that is happening to 40-70million sharks around the world every year.  This is a much greater number than shark accidents involving humans.

In this article, it names and shames those restaurants that serve this soup.  Boycott them and tell your friends to do the same.