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Beach Clean Up – Lake Worth Palm Beach USA

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Lets make our New Years resolution early this year and promise to keep our beaches as clean as possible. So to start off 2013 the right way Surfrider Foundation Palm Beach Chapter have scheduled their beach clean up for Saturday, January 12th 7:30am to 10:00am.

The Ocean Crusaders marine biology club at Sacred Heart School in Lake Worth is partnering with Surfrider Foundation Palm Beach County Chapter for this January beach clean up at Lake Worth beach pier. The after school club teaches its members that everyone can make a difference. Each day members are faced with choices and what they decide can change our world. Lets all plan to make choices that better our world see you in 2013!

This initiative is overseen by Holly Andreotta who works with our USA representative Adrienne Carter.  It’s so great to see our campaign spreading around the world and joining with Surfrider Foundation for this beach clean up is only going to help educate more people.

Congrats team and if you’re in the area on January 12th, drop down to lend a hand and if you are keen to learn more about Holly’s program at Sacred Heart School, and maybe implement a similar club at your school, then drop us an e-mail.

And please remember, if you say no to plastics int he first place, you won’t need to clean them up later on!!!