A friend of mine has just released his new book Timmy Turtle’s Dangerous Day.  Having received a copy, I gave it to a friend who has been reading it to her daughter ager 3.5.  Apparently Lexi loves it and has now learned the name of the boy in the story.  Here is the overview of the book.

Timmy Turtle and Dolly Dolphin were happily playing together under the deep blue sea. Little did they know that this day would change Timmy Turtle’s life forever!

This is the story of a young boy who drops a plastic bag into the ocean and the dangers Timmy Turtle faces when he swallows it. Fortunately, the boy’s uncle works at the Marine Animal Research Centre … but can they get Timmy Turtle there in time for his uncle to save him?

The book retails for just $15.95 with part of the profits staying with Ocean Crusaders and an additional $1 going to Clean Up Australia.

To purchase a copy click here