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First container collection point in Darwin

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We always promote the 3 R’s. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.  Now being based in Darwin and being a boating person I was frequently at Fisherman’s Wharf where all the fishing and workboats come in.  I felt there was a need for the boating community to be able to recycle more easily.  With the 10 cent container deposit scheme in place in Darwin I thought that it would be good to collect containers.

I spoke with Envirobank who are prominent in Darwin and asked about collection depots or cages.  They said it was a great idea if I could get approval from the local authority.  As the wharf is part of the Darwin Port Corporation, I contacted them and met with Peter Raines who is the General Manager of Facilities.  He agreed that we could put a collection cage at Fisherman’s Wharf and I am proud to say that the cage has now been installed.

CageA sign has been made up by long time sponsor Boatnames Australia and is now displayed on the cage.  This cage is massive at 2.5m square.  I’m not sure how many containers are in the cage in this photo but it is plenty and it will not make normal landfill.

Proceeds from this cage will allow me to visit local school and educate them of the issues our oceans are facing.  The next mission is to get more involved in the Darwin Sailing Club and get collection facilities there.