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Crowd Clean World Campaign

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We really love to bring you stories of people making a difference.  And here is a small campaign that, should it take off, and let’s hope it does, could make a huge difference to the world as we live today.

We constantly teach of prevention being better than a cure.  If we don’t make a mess, we don’t have to clean it up.  The problem is that the world is in a mess and this campaign could help clean it up.

1947456_10152226576671296_1214288594040030326_nDylan and Kim are two former Whitsundays residents.  They have a passion for the ocean.  I had the pleasure of working with Dylan and he is one of those guys who you know will make a difference in so many people’s lives.  Now he wants to make a difference to our world as well.  Together with his partner Kimberley, they are travelling at present and got sick of seeing so much rubbish lying around. Rather than whinge and complain, they set about picking it up.  They took just 15 minutes to collect a heap of rubbish.  Seeing the results, they decided they should do it at least a couple of times a week.  Now they want others to join the party.

They have given the campaign the name ‘Crowd Clean World’  Dylan says ‘ Fifteen minutes a few times per week while walking to the train or walking along the beach is easy to do, and it allows me to do something beneficial without requiring extra time – seems like a good system.  Cleaning the world is a massive job. But if this idea was to spread, the concept of a “crowd” changes that. We have over 7 billion people in our world, and when a lot of people do a little each, a big job is done in little time and with little effort. ‘

We think it is a great idea and challenge everyone everywhere to join the campaign.  There isn’t a facebook page, or website at present.  It is just something we should all start doing and the results will start to show instantly.  Don’t get turned off by the massive size of the problem.  Inch by inch, little by little, we can make an impact. Many hands make light work they say and I’m sure you can find 15 minutes at least once a  week whilst walking to the train, taking the dog for a walk or whilst the kids play in the park.

Dylan suggests to try not to use a new plastic bag to put the rubbish in.  Find a reusable bag or use a bag you find.  You can make a difference.  Spread the word.  The more people doing this will help make a bigger change quicker.