This week we cashed in the containers that had been collected at both the Fisherman’s Wharf and also Darwin Sailing Club.  And the results are proving a huge success, especially at the sailing club.

Full CageThe cage on Fisherman’s wharf has been there now for 4 months.  Commercial vessels have been using it more and more as they realise it is there.  We successfully collected 4,662 containers in that time which are now all recycled and not going to end up in our waterways.

At the Darwin Sailing Club, thanks to the awesome efforts of the staff, the wheelie bins have been emptied into our trailer every day.  In just under 4 weeks we collected 4,720 containers and they just keep coming with the bins all full when we returned the trailer after two days.

The funds from the Sailing Club will be split 70/30 with 70% going towards training our next generation sailors.  Ocean Crusaders will be involved and getting our message out to those sailors throughout the year so keep an eye out for future reports.

The initial funds raised will go back to the account as we spent a bit on buying trailers and wheelie bins to set up the system.  But it won’t take long and they will be paid off and then we can look at funding visits to local schools to spread the word.

The main thing is that over 9,000 containers are being recycled.  Millions of containers are used every day and whilst we do need to reduce this, we also need to recycle what we do use.  As the dry season really kicks in here in Darwin, I expect more containers to be turning up, funding more programs for us and the DSC.

It’s an exciting new addition to Ocean Crusaders and I thank everyone who has been involved in making it happen.  I can only see the program going onwards and upwards.