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Dolphin Resort not so relaxing – Dave the Dolphin.

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When you here the words Dolphin Resort you probably picture a beautiful beach resort that possibly has lots of dolphins swimming by.  However it is far from it.  Dolphin Resort is located in Taiji Japan.  This is what it looks like.

You cannot stay there, it is for us dolphins.  Some would call us lucky dolphins, others would say we are about to live a life of horror.

To get to dolphin resort, you will have been rounded up by a series of boats into a place known as ‘The Cove’ in Taiji Japan.  You won’t be the only dolphin, you will be with all of your family and friends.  Once in the cove you get to swim around in a small area and these humans will be onshore watching over you.  If you want to get in you better perform a few tricks.  If you are lucky you will be pulled out of your pod, never to see your family and friends again.  You get put up in these luxurious cages at dolphin resort and your life of freedom is over.

If you miss out on getting to the resort, well what can I say, you get herded around into the next bay where these humans won’t be just watching you, they will be stabbing you with their sharp devices until you die.  I lost all my family and friends.  It makes me so sad.

So once you’re in the resort, these humans pay the people who rounded you up into this cove up to $150,000.  This is what keeps them in business and lets them keep killing us.  After they receive this money you get shipped off to enclosures anywhere in the world, such places with the names of Seaworld and other theme parks.  Someone will feed you weird tasting food and then try and teach you tricks.  You won’t feel yourself but this weird tasting food will make you feel a little better.  These humans call them ‘drugs’.

Your role for the rest of your life is to perform tricks for these humans.  You are alive but you will miss your freedom, your friends and most of all your family.

Please stop these humans doing this.  I beg of you.  I want to swim in the ocean.  Don’t come and watch me perform, I’m drugged and I may seem happy but I’m not.  I live with memories of watching my family and friends die.  Our only place is in the ocean where we can play with your boats and perform for you naturally.

Please boycott these shows and tell your friends.


Dave the Dolphin.