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It only takes one person to start a movement

My blogs are usually always related to the environment, however here is something just a little different.  People always wonder why I started Save Our Seas.  Quite simply, seeing too many dead turtles is where it started however I do believe that in this world you have to give back sometimes.

We use a lot of resources in our world daily.  The computer or phone you are on right now is the prime example of what I’m talking about.  The energy used to produce your phone/computer, the energy to power it and where is it going to go in the long run when you’ve finished with it?

When you go shopping you have a choice of how you shop.  The simplest thing is plastic bags however it is so simple to change this practice.

If you are sitting in your world and thinking what can I do, well it can all start with one simple act.  Watch this video for inspiration.

What did you see?  You see one person starts a movement, however it is the first followers that really make the movement start.  On his own he looks a little weird, but when others are around him people aren’t laughing, they want to be just like him and so a few join, eventually it is a real movement.

Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd movement did not start with thousands of supporters, it started with his passion and then a few people joined him and onwards and upwards, he is now one of the biggest movements in activism in the world.

Ric O’Barry’s Save Japan Dolphins is the same.  He started off as one person on a mission and now the world is beginning to help him little by little.

Ocean Crusaders was formed by me, Ian Thomson.  I was just a sailor from the Whitsundays.  To begin my movement I sailed around Australia as that is what I do best, I’m a sailor.  People took notice when I set a world record.  I now have a small group of followers and am waiting for the crowds so we can really get this movement happening.  It will come, it is my dream and I make my dreams happen.

So where do you stand in the world.  Are you constantly taking and never giving back?  It only takes a small amount of effort to make a difference.  Whether it is saying no to plastic bags or plastic water bottles, or whether it is donating your time to organisations to help in whatever way you can.  Maybe tomorrow you will help an elderly person cross the street.  If you make this small effort it will make someone smile, and I can certainly tell you it gives you some self satisfaction.

So start today, make a little effort and put your green bags in your boot.  Make someone smile.  Do something for the good.  It’s time to give back.

Thank you for your support of our campaign, together we will form a movement that will grow and make a real difference in this world.