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Manta Rays aren’t safe in Asia

Our Asian nations are growing massively in population.  The biggest issue is food.  Where are they going to get food for all those people.  We’ve already seen them killing whales and dolphins but I never thought I’d see the day that we’d see them killing Manta Rays, yet that is exactly what is happening.

They’re also buying up farms all over the world to provide them food for the future.  Where does that leave countries like australia and New Zealand when all of our produce is going offshore?  They are also using up all of the worlds resources.  Australia provides $90 billion in coal to Japan alone.

I’m not racist but shouldn’t these countries start to look into restricting population growth?

If we kill certain species in the ocean then the order of life will be changed and that could spell all sorts of issues for many species, if not all.

They call dolphins pests as they believe they eat too much of the oceans fish resources.  What do they call Manta Rays?