Message from Finn the Shark.

Got this through from Padi’s Project Aware program

I may have a face only a mother could love – I get that. I may not be the cuddliest creature on earth. But can I get a break? Please help me out and support my protection.

I try not to complain. I am the ruler of the ocean and all. But this shark life isn’t easy.

For example, talk about awkward. At the last wedding I went to, shark fin soup was served. How about a little respect? And what about the endless parade of lousy shark movies? These aren’t helping my case at all.

Not to mention my complete exhaustion. Do you know what it’s like to remain in constant motion, lest I drown?

Thank goodness Project AWARE and their global volunteers are shark fans and value a guy like me. They know I can be worth far more alive than dead and I sleep a little better knowing they’re working tirelessly for my cause.

They have some serious, targeted goals for my protection – policies to ensure that fins are naturally attached and trade protections for me and some of my most threatened friends. There’s even a global rally of scuba divers this month called the Big Shark Shout Out. You should check it out.

I may not be as cute and fluffy as your average kitty or puppy, but I’m way more valuable to the health and diversity of our ocean. So thanks for your support!

Sincerely, Finn the Shark (Courtesy ProjectAware)