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Ocean Crusaders New Wheels

11240079_10153371236232764_2259384990162967137_nAs Ocean Crusaders continues to grow in momentum, I decided to turn our van into a moving billboard.  So now everywhere we drive, people behind us will be faced with a couple of key statistics and our message to REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.  The message on the left hand window reads ‘5.25 Trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans.   100,000+ marine creatures & 1 million + birds dying from plastic entanglement and suffocation every year’

I’m so proud of our logo.  It is a real representation of who we are and what we love.  It originated back in 2010 when we were originally called Save Our Seas Ocean Racing.  Back then it was a sail and just the turtle.  This was due to the death of turtles inspiring this campaign.  Having picked up 8 dead turtles, 3 that had died of plastic bags, I set out to sail around Australia solo and hence the sail.  When we changed names to Ocean Crusaders we added the dolphin, another of our favorite ocean animals.  Recently I was visiting one of the local schools and the students thought that the green part of our logo was a shark fin.  So it pretty much sums up exactly what we do.  Sharks, dolphins, turtles and sailing.  Seeing it all over the van is an awesome thing for me.

1607061_10203937895940079_1228693723483588224_nThis van, and our boat, wouldn’t look this good without our long term supporters Boatnames Australia   Chris does an amazing job.  He provided the logos for our yacht when we went around Australia in 2010.  He has provided logos for back windows on a few cars, he made the logos that adorn our Thompson 7 sports yacht and now he has provided these logos for the van.  They are based in Brisbane and Tasmania, but that doesn’t matter.  Chris can design your artwork for you, will cut it out and prepare it for application.  The instructions sent with the stickers are pretty simple and with a bit of patience (take your time) they can be easily applied by yourself.

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