Earlier this year we were contacted by Geoffrey Bishop from Orange County.  He was seeking to use some of the information that we have on our website.  After several e-mails back and forward, we agreed that we could do more than just provide information to him and his campaign.

Plastic bags are a pet hate of ours and where Ocean Crusaders all started.  Having seen the death of several turtles due to plastic bag suffocation and entanglement, we set off to create awareness and we will always work with others who have the same passion.  Let’s face it, plastic bags are only around as we got lazy.  In the old days we used paper bags and cardboard boxes.  Then along came plastic, a supposedly ‘convenient’ product.  Little did we know the effect this would have on our environment.  We didn’t know that every piece of plastic we created would last forever.  Now it is a part of our culture, but we have to change this.  We are killing our own world.

So let me introduce you to Geoffrey Bishop, our new ambassador and founder of the ‘Say NO to plastic bags in Orange County’

IMG_2469I grew up and live in Orange County California and I have a great passion for the environment. I am currently a student at Biola University in La Mirada California, pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. Along with going to school, I volunteer at the Newport Bay conservancy leading weekend kayak tours; educating the public on our oceans. Another great passion of mine is sailing. I have been sailing for about a year and I grow a greater passion for the sport and the ocean every time I set sail out here in Orange County. One of my life goals is to help protect and conserve the environment in every way possible. This is why I started the campaign “Say NO to plastic bags in Orange County.” My hope is that with one small feat, others will follow and in turn, we can save this beautiful place we call home.

If you are in a position to help Geoffrey and his campaign, please contact him through his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sayNOtoplasticbagsOC  Support him by liking this page as well.  It is important we help the little guys do their thing.  It is through little things that big things grow.