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Pacific Paradise School Visit

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Last month I had the opportunity to visit Pacific Paradise State School grade 4 students.  I really love visiting schools however there was one new member of our visiting team.  Corky was making is school debut.  And what a hit he proved.

I arrived and two young ladies helped me carry Corky and our art materials from the car.  The two ladies were excited to keep the secret that was Corky, hiding under my jumper.

The students of the school have been learning about how to look after our environment and our waterway cleaning program in the region came to their attention through people at the Sunshine Coast Council.  So I went to tell them about the program and what we are finding and how they can help us.

Both groups listened intently to the presentation and had lots of questions, however it was the excitement at being able to build art out of the debris that we collect from the waterways that had the students on edge.  Using thongs, corks, straws and more, the students were left to make signs with a message of their choice.  Some of their art work is below.

After the lessons I was leaving the school during lunch time.  With Corky in one hand, well let’s just say that I know what it’s like to be a rockstar now.  Students were running from everywhere to see Corky.  It was quite amusing to me, but what a great way to start a conversation.