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Partnership Program Launched

community clean up events including paddle against plastic

Ocean Crusader’s primary mission is to protect the marine environment for it’s key stakeholders – the most important being the wildlife that inhabit it.

There are three ways to achieve this mission.

  1. Clean up and remove damaging materials from the environment.
  2. Tackle the problem at source, preventing waste like plastic from entering waterways and oceans in the first place. This includes continuing education of companies and consumers alike.
  3. Take action to reduce the impact of practices which affect the macro marine environment by raising sea temperatures or levels.

Since 2010, the Ocean Crusaders team has focused on removing waste from waterways, beaches and the ocean. This thankless task has been done by passionate volunteers who prefer to take action rather than talk but… we would rather not do it.

So. We are looking for brands that have similar goals to partner on reducing or eliminating waste and accelerating practices that have a positive impact on climate change and related challenges.

What do we need?

  • Awareness. We are a small organisation that already punches above its weight, but we can do more. The start of that process is increasing the awareness of who we are and what we do
  • Introductions. Linked to awareness, we would like to meet with decision makers and thought leaders who can amplify our message and help us find funding for our more ambitious projects.
  • Sponsorship. We have a variety of platforms to showcase products and brands that fit into our story. These include Automatic Waste Removal Machines in rivers in high-traffic areas to a zero-emissions racing yacht. Then there are the more traditional sponsorships of clean-up events in specific areas or communities.

What do you get?

We can offer a wide range of activation and leverage options, depending on your goals.

  • Create and build social license or trust by being active and participating to improve the marine environment in local communities.
  • Case-studies and endorsements. We are tough on the products and equipment that we use. We want to showcase great examples of products and services that align with our mission.
  • Content and Storytelling. In a world where content is being pumped out by AI like single use plastic out of a storm water drain, we can help tell positive stories that educate and engage.
  • Plus… Networking, introductions and ‘old-fashioned’ visibility benefits e.g. Logo on clothing, vehicles and digital platforms.

We are looking to partner with companies and organisations that have the same goals as us. These might include companies that are developing compostable packaging materials or creating energy from recycled waste. They might be companies that are developing electric vehicles or renewable energy solutions using resources from our oceans – like wind.

Just as the solutions to the problems require creativity, we are open to new ways of working together to unlock value for all parties.

Let’s work together