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Schools program feedback

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Here at Ocean Crusaders, we are all about making sure our next generation are educated and more often than not, we become even more inspired by the response of these enthusiastic youngsters.  Just yesterday I received two e-mails from teachers who have been running our program in their schools over the last month.  To put it simply, it makes me proud of this program when we get feedback like this.  It encourages us to keep fighting the fight.

Henty Public School – Country NSW

by Joanne Malmo

A group of students have taken it upon themselves to introduce programs within the school and the town that encourage people to use less plastic.  It’s a truly inspiring program that you have produced!

Henty Public school is a long way from the coast yet these students understand that everybody has to contribute, no matter where you are.  If students of this age are encouraged to make a difference, then I’m sure the adults should listen and learn from them.

The Environment Club – Cooktown State School

by Alice Taylor (Extract from their newsletter)

Introducing….Cooktown State School’s OCEAN CRUSADERS!  A group of 25 students from years 1 to 5 participated in three weekly lessons in their own lunch time, learning about the danger of plastic pollution in the ocean. The Ocean Crusaders have learnt that plastic enters the ocean by humans not putting rubbish in bins and by the wind, carrying rubbish into storm water drains, which lead to the ocean. Unfortunately, plastic doesn’t break down completely. Every piece of plastic ever created still exists! Microplastics are tiny bits of plastic, generally up to 5 mm in size, and they happen to be everywhere – in the air, in the water, in the sand and in the seafood we eat.  Sea creatures eat the plastic thinking it’s food and their bodies can’t digest it, so their tummies explode and they die a painful death.  We can help by cleaning up the beaches, putting rubbish in bins, trying to use other materials rather than plastic, put nets over bins and reduce, reuse and recycle! Each session three students have had the chance to earn a set of four reusable shopping bags to take home for their families. Well done to all of the Ocean Crusaders for your keen participation and insightful conversations about caring for our beautiful Cape York beaches, ocean and reef!

OC Cooktown2

Shaelanee and Josie (year 3/4) writing an prevention action plan

OC Cooktown

Joanne, Kiah and Ella (year 5) writing their Prevention Action Plan