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Sharkgirl and the sharks need you.

Did you know sharks could cuddle? Madi Stewart takes us into her amazing underwater world and invites us to help stop the unthinkably barbaric practice of shark-finning that takes place legally at the Great Barrier Reef.

60-80% of the oxygen we need for survival is produced via phytoplankton photosynthesis. Photoplankton is responsible for taking in CO2 molecules and turning them into oxygen, the same way trees do on land. Sharks control the population of species that feed off photoplankton. A decline in the shark population equals a decline of photoplankton, therefore affecting the oxygen levels of the oceans. Oxygen on Earth is very dependent on the oxygen of the ocean. If we neglect this fact, we are bringing death to the Earth

Madi is asking for our help.  Make sure you get your submission is in before Feb 2012 and help keep the oceans in balance. All you need to help out is here: www.elements5.blogspot.com Sign the letter and send it to our government.