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The Power of Youth

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Ocean Crusaders focus on youth as they are the way of the future.  Here’s proof from Henty Primary School.

The below letter was sent to us after we rewarded the 4 girls involved with some drink bottles and green baggies from Naturally Sustainable.


Dear Mr Ian Thomson

We would first like to thank you for the wonderful gifts you sent us. Our Teacher Mrs Malmo did a lucky dip and we all got a lovely designed drink bottle and Reusable leaf Baggie.

We would also like to thank you for your Ocean Crusaders Program. It gave us the idea for our crusade. We sent a letter to our local council member asking for a bin to be put down near our creek, as there was quite a lot of rubbish down there. Our council member, Mr Doug Meyer, read our letter at a council meeting and the council approved. There is now a bin placed outside the creek. We call ourselves the MAD COIW. Making A Difference, Crusading Our Inland Waterways

With Thanks

Tara Scholz, Hannah Zweck, Joely Scott and Alexandra Toogood

Henty girls

L to R: Tara Scholz, Joely Scott, Alexandra Toogood and Hannah Zweck.