Truck Super Singles supports Ocean Crusaders

Running a charity can be tough at times, yet rewarding at others.  One of the hardest things to do is to chase funding.  For every yes you get, you will get 99 no’s.  So when we found a problem with our 4×4 truck on the sand, in the fact that it just didn’t turn with the thin tyres, I set about trying to find a set of wide tyres for the truck.  There are not a lot of options out there for a Mitsubish Canter considering our truck is a 1999 model.

I looked all over the internet for a 2nd hand set as a new set was way out of reach of our budget.  I failed dismally to find anything so eventually I contact Truck Super Singles.  They were local and I thought they might know of a second hand set that I could get cheap.  When owner and manager Kym Bolton replied, well I was totally shocked, yet so happy.  He’d found me a set for the very best price possible.  They would provide us with a set of brand new rims and Trackmaster tyres free of charge.  They loved our cause and wanted to help us out.

I did a happy dance that day, I felt amazing.  The day I picked the tyres and rims up was another awesome day.  We then fitted them to the truck and what a difference it made.  Whilst we haven’t taken it out on the sand yet, we’ll save that for Double Island Point and Fraser Island Clean ups in May, the truck runs better, looks a million times cooler and we have the guys at Truck Super Singles to thank for that.

Not only have they agreed to supply us those wheels and tyres, they are also joining us at Fraser Island to help us with the sorting.  I’m so stoked with this new partnership.

When I was picking up the tyres, I saw the other side to their business.  Not only do they sell these rims and tyres for Fuso and Iveco trucks, they also have these amazing motor homes that they have started putting together.  O.K the budget won’t be suitable for most, but these Discovery Motorhomes are serious offroad units.  Already they have taken one across the Simpson and they are on their way to South Africa for another adventure.  Check out their website  even if you aren’t in the market, they are impressive units.

So we just want to take this opportunity to thank Kym and team at Truck Super Singles for their amazing support.  Our truck is a serious unit now and will be out on beaches collecting debris for many years to come, and now when we turn the wheel to go to the exit, it will actually turn!!!