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Forget Oceans Day. Remember the Ocean Every Day.

world Oceans Day 2023

World Oceans Day 2023: Sailors are urged to think about their connection with the place where we spend time and gain enjoyment – every day, not just World Oceans Day

By cultivating a daily awareness of the seas, sailors and other water sport enthusiasts can make small decisions that have a cumulative impact on these invaluable ecosystems and become more conscious of their impact on the fragile nature of our playground.

Ian Thomson, Founder of Ocean Crusaders, an organisation that sees the results of bad practices in rivers and creeks around Australia says:

“It’s great to see some initiatives by large professional events to raise awareness of the problem, but there are still too many users of the sea who make daily decisions that have a detrimental impact. Once the event or the day is over, people return to their old habits.”

Many sailors are leaders within their industries. The decisions they make as executives also have an impact on the environment that they spend their leisure time in. This is true for direct suppliers of sailing and the marine industry, but also companies like real-estate developers whose promise to customers is a house by a clean sparkling waterway, not a stagnant, polluted outlook.

Ian continues:

“Every time you pick up a product, think about mooring in a quiet bay, enjoying the freedom that sailing provides and seeing a plastic food wrapper or a piece of polystyrene foam float by. Then choose which product to buy.”

Ocean Crusaders is partnering with sailors who are leaders of companies and within companies to use their influence to protect the oceans, but also the creeks, rivers and canals that flow out to sea.

Sailors can also contribute to help Ocean Crusaders clean up the waterways. With the end of the financial year fast approaching, it’s good to know that helping protect the oceans is also tax-deductible. Donate at – https://oceancrusaders.org/donate/

For media inquiries, please contact:

David Fuller – Ocean Crusaders – https://oceancrusaders.org/
+61 439 790 410 – david@oceancrusaders.org