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Last month I had the opportunity to visit Pacific Paradise State School grade 4 students.  I really love visiting schools however there was one new member of our visiting team.  Corky was making is school debut.  And what a hit he proved. I arrived and two young ladies helped me carry Corky and our art materials from the car.  The two ladies were excited to keep the secret that was Corky, hiding under my jumper. Read more

One of the world’s most popular food sources is seafood. Our oceans provide a staggering amount of food for us and fishing is one of the world’s biggest hobbies. Millions of people every day go out and fish for fun or for work, to capture food that is part of most cultures staple diet. So why then is the fishing industry responsible for a large percentage of debris in our oceans? Commercial fishing is responsible Read more

There are days in my life when I feel so satisfied with what I do.  Sometimes the road of a campaign like ours can be trying as company after company reject your sponsorship applications, or you see people continuing to trash the world we live in.   However our crusade to change the way people treat our oceans takes us to many wonderful places and we meet so many heart warming people who have a passion. Read more

Sources Our infographic was created with love – and knowledge from among other these sources: Created by ABC. (2014).  10 facts about our amazing oceans. BBC. (2015). Oceans. DPG. (2014). Basic principles of light underwater. Fox-Skelly. (2015). What does it take to live at the bottom of the ocean? Garcia, J. T. (2014). The ocean is not flat. Geology. (2015). Highest mountain in the world. Guinness world Records. Read more

Imagine leaving your home country and migrating to a new place. Then returning full of excitement and hope but finding it full of trash, far worse than you could ever imagine. This is what happened to me in 2013 when I left Australia, where I’d been living for the last 9 years and returned to my home country Ecuador. My husband, Michael and I, spent 8 months here in 2013 and through the sadness and Read more

The Volvo Ocean Race is an extreme yacht race around the world, raced on one design 65ft yachts. This was the 12th edition of the race (formerly known as the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race). It began 9 months ago in Alicante Spain and has raced almost 39,000nm around the world with stop overs in Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya (China), Auckland, Itajai (Brazil), Newport, Lisbon, Lorient, Hague and finishing in Gothenburg, the home Read more

In November/December Annika & I had a chance to visit Essington School in Darwin.  The opportunity came about when at the Darwin Sailing Club presentation, I got to speak about our campaign to the members before presenting gifts to our volunteers who empty the container collection trailer.  In the audience was young Samuel Brownscombe who sails a Minnow.  I received an e-mail the next day from Samuel asking me to visit his school. ‘Please come to the Read more

On Saturday night, the Darwin Sailing Club had it’s annual end of season presentation night.  The Ocean Crusader sailing boat had another successful season racing in Division 1 this year, however no major trophies to report on.  However we did manage the following results of note: 1st NT Championships 2nd Harbour Series 1 1st Classic Series 1st Shell Island 1st East Point Regatta 1st Old Man Rock 1st Cock of the Sea The presentation also Read more

We really love to bring you stories of people making a difference.  And here is a small campaign that, should it take off, and let’s hope it does, could make a huge difference to the world as we live today. We constantly teach of prevention being better than a cure.  If we don’t make a mess, we don’t have to clean it up.  The problem is that the world is in a mess and this campaign Read more

It is very rare that Ocean Crusaders receives financial support, however earlier this year, Californian sailor Sean Manchester sailed a leg in the Clipper Round the World Race on board Henri Lloyd (overall winning team of this edition).   He did this to raise funds and was on a mission to raise $1 per mile (5,100nm) to help Ocean Crusaders in their mission to educate youth of the issues our oceans are facing.  He successfully achieved his Read more